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namespace eval vwarn {

  dict set minver mirc {min 7.75 msg "␃4␂Your IRC Client is susceptible to hacks!␂␃ Upgrade or get a new client. See https://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/46392 Upgrade to 7.75 @ www.mirc.com or !Search mIRC in #TRAFFIC-SEARCH" }
  dict set minver weechat {min 3.1 msg "New version v4.0.4, Aug 22, 2023 is better"}

  bind join - * ::vwarn::join
  proc join {nick uhost handle chan} {
      if {[isbotnick $nick]} { return 0 }
      putserv "PRIVMSG $nick :\001VERSION\001"

  bind ctcr - VERSION ::vwarn::check
  proc check {nick uhost handle dest kw arg} {
      foreach soft [dict keys $::vwarn::minver] {
        if {[string match "*${soft}*" [string tolower $arg]]} {
            regexp {(\d{1,}\.?\d{1,})} $arg - vnum
            if {[package vcompare $vnum [dict get $::vwarn::minver $soft min]]==-1} {
              putserv "PRIVMSG $nick :[dict get $::vwarn::minver $soft msg]"